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Foosball Table Fun

Another Great Table Game for the Family

Here at Atlantic Rowing Race, we love table tennis, ping pong, or whatever you choose to call it!  But, as they say, variety is the spice of life and we all like to have choices.  Another very popular table game out there is foosball.  As you may know, this type of table game is a recreation of the football or “soccer” sport.  You have a minimum of two players that go head to head.  You can also have a lot of fun by dividing the duties of the “players” that are more defensive or offensive and focus on certain parts of the table and limit your duties.

Whichever way you play it, foosball is a great game for 2 or more players that are active, strategic, and can involve a tremendous amount of skill.  There are top players that have some incredible shots they can perform.

We’ve all seen these at arcades, colleges, maybe billiard halls, and in the homes of some people, we may know.  The reality is that there is a large range of different models of foosball tables that can be most appropriate for a person.

Just like how table tennis tables range from the low end for casual hobbyists all the way up to the same tables that are used by professionals and at the Olympic events, the same holds true for foosball.  In fact, you have professional tables that are used in competitions by the world’s top players and these range up to $2,000 or more.  Of course, at that price level, you can expect an extremely sturdy table that plays perfectly, will last a very long time and offers the best in enjoyment and performance.

There are also fun tables on the lower end of the scale that will find a great place in your home living room, den, garage, or bedroom that cost far less.  For example, a fun table for the casual player can be purchased for around just $400 or so.  A lot of fun can be had with family and friends with such a table with great friendly competition, trash talk, and lots of whoops and hollering!

A great resource we’ve found about getting educated about foosball tables and learning more about everything available on the market is The Scouting Report.  Check out their website to read the guide for these tables and determine which one is right for you.  Then, you can get tips on finding the best prices to purchase one for your own home, business, church, or best location that suits you.

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